Fingers Crossed

There’s many a slip and all that, but we could be looking at a revived conference in October next year. More news as it arrives.

Frederick E Smith

We have just heard the sad news that Frederick E Smith has died. Famous, of course, for the 633 Squadron and the salutary tale of dealing with agents and film rights (he never made a penny from the film), Fred was a stalwart of the conference and always entertaining company at the bar. He was generous in his advice to the other authors and will be greatly missed.

No Real News

There will be a committee meeting in May and a number of options for forthcoming conferences will be discussed then.

It would be good to have other news from members as well. You can email from the contacts page. For example, Catherine King had a book launch recently and Eileen Roberts has one coming up. Martin Hall has moved into e-publishing both for himself and others who want some of the work done for them. Check the links page to get to his Amazon profile. Any visits, purchases and 5* reviews welcome.

Earnley Concourse Officially Closed

Well, there was no last minute reprise and the Earnley Concourse officially closed its doors on 19th December. There is a news story about it here and if you sign up to the Chichester Observer (it doesn’t cost anything), you can leave a comment on the story.

A happy 2012 to you all, even if it is a Southern Writers’ free year. Keep coming back here for updates.

Southern Writers' Conference 2012

Due to the closure of Earnley Concourse and the difficulties in finding a suitable venue, we have reached the sad conclusion that it will not be possible to hold a Southern Writers’ Conference in 2012. The committee has started to research the possibilities in terms of dates and locations for 2013. We will continue to keep you in touch with events through this website and email. Additionally we may be contacting those on our mailing list for opinions on how we would like to see the conference going forward.